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Very excited to announce that Theresa Is a Mother is on Netflix! What a great job of our Distributors, Garden Thieves Pictures for getting us on this amazing platform. If you have Netflix (if not, now is the right time to try it) please give us a go. And if you like, consider writing a quick review and giving us a star rating. Others will want to hear what you have to say!

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A Psychologically Rich Comedy says The Hollywood Reporter

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Schuyler Iona Press, C. Fraser Press & Maeve Press

Schuyler Iona Press, C. Fraser Press & Maeve Press

C. Fraser Press stars, co-directs and scripts this dark indie comedy about a financially struggling mother who moves back into her parents’ home with her three children. Even by indie film standards, Theresa Is a Mother is a family affair. The titular role is played by C. Fraser Press, who also wrote and co-directed the film with her husband, Darren Press. The couple’s three children play fictional counterparts in the film, and one daughter wrote and performed the theme song. This is clearly a clan who believes in playing together.

The resulting film, while having a rough-hewn feel, emerges as something more substantial than a simple homegrown project. The quirky dark comedy centers on Theresa, a forty-something single mother of three whose career as a vaguely punkish singer-songwriter has not paid off. Facing eviction from her city apartment, she packs up her young daughters — Maggie (Schuyler Press), Tuesday (Maeve Press) and Penelope (Amaya Press) — and returns to her rural hometown, where she plans to live temporarily with her parents (Edie McClurg, Richard Poe), with whom she has a strained relationship.

Cue the quirkiness, as the folks Theresa remembers as emotionally distant are now fun-loving hipsters who enjoy hosting hot tub parties. Theresa, unable to find employment, is reduced to wandering the neighborhood asking for odd jobs, causing her to compete with 13-year-old Seth (Matthew Gumley) for yard work. Undercutting the boy on price, she’s confronted by his father, Jerry (Robert Turano), a bank official who had turned her down for work. She doesn’t bother to correct him when she realizes he assumes one of her daughters was the culprit. He then asks her, out of the blue, to write a song for Seth to perform at his bar mitzvah.

Theresa, meanwhile, has her hands full as a parent, with one child donning a Carmen Miranda-style headdress and lip-syncing to drag queen videos and another obsessed with a television cooking show with heavy religious themes.
None of this rings remotely true, but it has an emotional resonance nonetheless, largely due to Press’ vanity-free performance as the frazzled and neurotic single mom who can barely take care of herself, let alone her brood. Reliable veterans McClurg and Poe provide excellent support as the parents traumatized by a past tragedy, and the child performers go through their often outlandish paces with admirable professionalism.

Truly offbeat in its pacing and willingness to veer off on eccentric tangents, Theresa Is a Mother doesn’t always succeed in its stylistic ambitions. But it does present a psychologically rich portrait of its central character, who elicits a bizarre fascination.

Incredible Post by Unseen Films

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Below is a wonderful review of our film by Steve Kopian.  A real window into how things work.  How grateful we are that Steve took the time to watch.  Read on…

“You should make an effort to see as soon as possible.”

I will be doing a review down the road but right now I wanted to tell you that should keep an eye out for THERESA IS A MOTHER. The film is hitting Cinema VIllage in New York, home video and VOD tomorrow and it is absolutely worth your time.

The reason I’m doing this short little piece is that I was unexpectedly given a copy of the DVD by the PR company handling the release of the film. I had asked for one film for review and they threw in a copy of this hoping I would take a look. After I had watched that other film I put THERESA IS A MOTHER on in order to see if I should take the time to write the film up. I figured I’d watch about ten, maybe fifteen minutes of the film and then turn it off… 45 minutes later at 1:15am I pulled myself away from the film and enough to turn off the DVD player and the TV and go to bed- cursing up a storm because with the New York Film Festival happening I’m not going to get a chance to finish the film for a while.

THERESA IS A MOTHER has Theresa at the end of her rope. The dream of a life in music isn’t attainable with two kids and no husband to help raising them. Heading back home to the parents she all but cut off she finds that things are not as they were and that they and she have changed.

Yes it sounds like a story that’s been done to death before, and it has but this time out its coming to us in a form that is a really good, really well made film that somehow has slipped completely and utterly through the cracks- I don’t remember hearing about the film until I got the promo material which, to be honest, I completely dismissed. That was my mistake. I won’t let that happen again.

As things stand now I’m going to finish and review the film when the New York Film Festival ends on October 11.- but you don’t have to wait that long- you can get the film when it starts streaming and hits home video on Tuesday. You can see the film from start to finish that have to wait three weeks to see.

And you do want to do this, THERESA IS A MOTHER is going to be one of those films that in a couple of weeks your friends are going to tell you you should see. Seriously once people see this film they are going to be talking it up and telling their friends they should see it. Don’t be told by your friends that you need to see this film after I’ve already told you. Seriously you’ll just hang your head and feel dejected at not having gotten in on the ground floor of something great.

That kind of makes this seem like a Ponzi scheme- but it’s not- this is a really good movie that you really should see.

THERESA IS A MOTHER comes out tomorrow and you should make an effort to see as soon as possible.

LEO Weekly Review

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2015; $24.99; UR

Unknown indie Director/Writer/Actress C. Fraser Press stars as a single mother struggling to support her family as a singer/songwriter in NYC. Inevitably, their precarious life comes crashing down, forcing her to do the most demeaning thing that a human being can do: Take the kids and go live with her parents. These particular ‘rents (Edie McClurg and Richard Poe, both faces you’ll recognize from TV) are happy to see the grandkids, yet there’s an obvious distance between the adults; some long-suffered wound that is never mentioned, permeating their every thought. But this isn’t a dark downer-drama! It’s a surprisingly upbeat and life-affirming comedy, bolstered by loads of great music. Recommended.


Available on iTunes

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Theresa Is a Mother is now available on iTunes.  Download and watch on the beach, poolside, subway or while experiencing insomnia.